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  • Open to everyone
  • Current and future university students
  • Academically dismissed students working towards reinstatement
  • Professionals looking for a career boost
  • Educators planning for that important step-up
  • Lifelong learners seeking a challenge and enrichment
  • Format alleviates schedule difficulties for students
  • Flexible study option eases hardship of job and family obligations
  • Credits apply to a WWU degree and transfer to most colleges and universities

Information on current tuition and fees can be found on the Tuition and Registration pages

Term-Based online course deadlines match WWU’s quarterly start/end dates. Register by the 5th day of the quarter.

Students may register at any time for Self-Paced Courses and Contract Independent Study courses.

  • Tuition and fees will be posted to your student account and are due upon enrollment.
  • Electronic billing and payment is the official means of generating bills to all Western Washington University students. 
  • Your student account can be viewed online by logging into MyWestern and opening the Web4u icon from the navigation bar.
    • Click on “Student” > “Student Records” then the link "WWU Student Account Online" or from the Pay Tuition, Housing and Fees link from the WWU homepage.
  • Accounts are subject to late fees and interest if left unpaid.
  • Students are responsible for being aware of the activity on their account and paying balances on time.

Yes, course syllabi and materials are posted online in Canvas for both Term-Based and Self-Paced courses.

Students may take individual courses towards a WWU degree through WesternOnline or enroll in the Human Services, B.A. Program. 

The Human Services program has admissions requirements, found on the program webpage.

While attendance at a lecture is not required, faculty may substitute asynchronous or synchronous activities and assignments for lecture.

Although this will vary from course to course, online courses follow the same general rule for face-to-face courses, for each credit hour students should expect to spend around three hours engaged in the course, working on readings, communicating with instructor or peers, research, etc. (ACC Handbook, Section 1.2).

Term-Based Online courses follow the schedule of the academic quarter and are completed at the pace designated by the instructor.

Self-Paced courses are Self-Paced within the following guidelines - minimum time allowed to complete a course is 7 weeks, with the exception of classes with lessons under 6. Courses are set-up to be completed within the academic quarter. However, students are given a maximum time to complete the course of 6 months.

The acceptance of transfer credits is always at the discretion of the receiving institution. Prior to enrolling, students should verify with the school to which he/she wishes to transfer credits.