Term-Based Tuition & Registration

How to Register for WWU Online: Term-Based Courses

Enrollment Deadline

Important Dates & Deadlines

Timeline and Schedule

The beginning and end dates for term-based online courses correspond with the academic schedule on campus and follow Western's general dates and deadlines, unless otherwise noted. For more information refer to the Registrar's Office Important Dates and Deadlines web page.    

Online classes at Western are delivered using “Canvas,” a web-based instruction environment. Students will submit assignments, participate in discussions and take exams on a weekly basis in Canvas, per the syllabus and schedule, as outlined by the instructor.

Tuition and Fees

Fall 2023 through Spring 2024: $298 per credit
Tuition is due first day of classes
Legislative Action Fee $1 per quarter

Summer Session Only - Tuition and fee information through Summer Session

Registration for WWU Students

Current WWU students register through MyWestern -> Web4U. This is the same method of registration that is used for all other WWU courses.
Summer Only - Term-Based courses run through Summer Session

Registration for Non-Matriculated Students

Students not formally admitted to Western Washington University through the Admissions' Application are considered non-matriculated students.

Individuals wanting to take courses at WWU without pursuing a degree or certification may enroll during the fall/winter/spring quarters by filling out the Western Online Registration Form.  Registration for non-matrics opens Phase II of the registration schedule which is available on the Registrar's Office website under Important Dates & Deadlines.

  1. Select a course: Online Courses
  2. Check Browse Classes to ensure that the course still has space available and that you have the all necessary prerequisites (if applicable). Search Tip: use Delivery Method/Attributes and Keywords together to find Online and Self-Sustaining.  Please be aware that some online programs require permission of the instructor and/or department head.
  3. Complete the Western Online Registration Form


Please email Western Online to receive a PDF copy of the Registration form.

All WesternOnline courses are fully self-supporting, receiving no funds from the State Legislature. Therefore, tuition and fees for courses are different from than tuition charged for campus programs. Fees are subject to change as the result of action by the Washington State Legislature or by Western’s Board of Trustees.

Agency or institutional purchase orders are accepted for tuition payment. Reduced tuition programs such as state employee tuition waivers do not apply.  Tuition does not include textbooks.

By registering, a student incurs a legal obligation to pay tuition and fees. This debt may be canceled only if the student officially withdraws before the appropriate course refund deadline. 

Note: Courses in the departments of Accounting, Finance and Marketing, Decision Science, Management, Management Information Systems (MIS) and Operations Management are not available to academically dismissed students.


Withdrawals and Refunds

Term-Based Online courses follow the same withdrawal and refund deadline as in-person campus courses. Important dates and deadlines are listed at the Registrar’s Office website.

You may withdraw through Web4u through the end of Phase III of registration with a full refund.  Students who wish to make changes to their registration schedule after Phase III has ended need to fill out the appropriate e-sign form and send it to the Registrar's Office: 

Official School Withdrawal Esign - Use this form if you need to withdraw from all of your courses. 

Registration Course Changes Esign - Use this form if you need to drop courses. 

If you have questions, please email Registrar.Office@wwu.edu or call during business hours, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, 360-650-3432.